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XML Subscriptions, RSS Feeds, & More!

If you're wondering what that funny little orange icon means, chances are that you're fairly new to XML, RSS, or atom feeds. These are all standard formats that allow someone like me (the web site creator) to feed you (the subscriber) with information that you are interested in receiving on a regular basis.

These formats were created to help you receive news from a variety of sources (feeds), keep it organized, & avoid spam. You can subscribe to my feed or any other feed on the web, organize, and read the information whenever you please.

There are many "feed readers" that help you subscribe to & organize your information. For example: my.yahoo.com or www.bloglines.com are free online feed readers. You can also buy a reader that runs on your PC. There are many choices. You subscribe either by clicking on a "subscribe button" or cutting and pasting the URL (web site address) of the feed into your reader. Once you learn the basics, these readers are easy to use and let you organize & access thousands of bits of information.

So What's a Blog?

A Blog is simply a web-log, one of many types of feeds. If you subscribe to my online journal for example, you subscribe to my blog - and in your feed-reader you will be notified every time there is a new entry. Blogging is one way we can share our lives and experiences with one another.

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