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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
This CD has become my favorite.

This CD has become my favorite. I listen to it everywhere: in the car, on my computer, and in my house! I especially love the song, "There Goes the Girl." This song should be an anthem for empowered women everywhere! Also, the song "See" lingers in my head with its haunting melody and deep lyrics. I can really relate to many songs on this album. The music has such a range in styles, not to mention the vocals by Daniela are incredible! The song, "I've Got the Music in Me," has such depth and soul it makes you want to sing along! You will not regret getting this CD. It has music for everyone!

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by "a music fan"

Can't wait for more!

If this CD is Ms. Roth's debut album, I personally cannot wait to see what else she can do! "Call It Love" is one of my favorite "hot" rock songs; her voice has so much character. Track #7 is great, especially when she holds that one note. Look out Celine Dion. "There Goes the Girl" is a fun song that every girl in America can relate to. I certainly do. Oh, and what an unbelievable remake of "I've Got the Music in Me." Ms. Roth certainly has the music in her, as anyone who hears this song will discover. But I especially enjoy the words from the songs that Ms. Roth wrote. "See" is very profound and caused me to think about how I view others and life. "More of Me" has a fun swing style and the words are so awesome. I could imagine "Living Without Regret" as a guide for life. This song holds a lot of wisdom for me and sounds like something that would be playing in a movie. Even though I have my favorites, I really like all the songs on this CD. I want to hear everything Ms. Roth sings. I hope she goes on tour so I can see her live.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by Kathleen Neill (Gaithersburg, MD USA)


I bought this CD directly from Daniela after hearing her live. Her voice and lyrics are very strong and powerful! "More of Me" is my personal favorite. It is sort of my anthem when I feel not so true to myself, but trying to fit into a niche laid out by those around me. She and her manager are amazing women and I thank them for contributing to positive changes in my life. I highly recommend this CD.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by Amy (PAcific Northwest)

Daniela is on the cusp of being a major artist.

Daniela is on the cusp of being a major artist. She has a clear unique voice with lots of emotion. She brings out the best of every song she sings. I believe big time status is right around the corner for her.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by Louis Brown (a multi award winning songwriter, from Lithonia, GA United States)

Why can't all debut albums be this good?

Daniela Roth is the complete artist. Having spent time working hard at making it into the business, she has finally suceeded and if there is a shred of fairness in the world she will go all the way. The album contains a tour de force of what Danielas voice is capable of, and it's pretty wide reaching. From true power, POWER ballads such as "Call it love" and "If the world lost all it's love", through country ("Unspoken"), blues rock ("There goes the girl" and "Unspoken"), and ending up with a truly profound leftfield sound, the music Daniela wrote herself, which raises some real issues when the lyrics are listened to.
If you don't believe my words, believe my money.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by Mr D R G Smith (Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England.)

You are definitely going to enjoy this CD!!, October 16, 2000

I enjoyed almost every one of the tracks on this CD. Try to say that about other CDs. Usually, there are just a few tracks you like, but this CD is so good you will probably like them all. Sure they give you a few tracks to listen to, and those tracks are good but I will guarentee you will love these other tracks on the CD: Don't Tell Me Lies and This Is The Day. But the best track, and one that will probably crack the top 10 on BillBoard, that's right, crack the top ten is....... I've Got The Music In Me. So this song is a remake, it's still awesome. Daniela's voice is great, the songs are all good, and she is not going to be a one album person. There will be more music coming from her. You've got to check out her remake of I've Got The Music In Me!!

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by Steve Millstein (Phoenix, AZ)

Strong Songs - Strong Voice

The Daniela Roth CD has a wide variety of strong songs. There are beautiful ballads, uptempo pop alternative songs, and even a '70s remake (of a Kiki Dee song). The strong material is matched by some very strong vocal chops. My favorite song is one of the alternative rock songs -- "There Goes The Girl" (Track 12) -- what a memorable chorus, backed by some crunchy, quasi-blues guitar work. If this is chosen as a single, it should skyrocket into the Top 5 and increase album sales. This is contrasted by some Celine Dion-esque power ballads like "If The World Lost All Its Love" which really showcases Daniela's voice -- especially in the dramatic bridge. Daniela also co-wrote 4 songs on the album. If you like alternative, pop or adult contemporary (or a blend of all 3), then this album is definitely worth seeking out.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by "a music fan"

New century superstar

I loved this CD. I have played it everyday since I purchased it(sometimes many times). My favorite songs are the ones she wrote: See, More of Me, Unspoken and Living Without Regret. When Daniela sings Unspoken I feel that she is speaking directly to me, especially the line "Don't you know the truth hurts more...unspoken. This woman sings and writes from the heart. Daniela's vocal range is very impressive on If The World Lost All Its Love. Just when I thought she held a note as long as humanly possible , she goes higher and stretches the note and lets all her feeling come through. Daniela's last song on the CD "There Goes The Girl" should become the anthem for all women in abusive relationships. This CD is great. I hope we hear a lot more from this talented singer/songwriter.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by Betsy Gorman (Scottsdale, AZ)

I am amazed at her voice!

I am amazed at her voice, the power and tone, to carry low notes and high notes so well. All the songs are good, but I really love the 12th song, There Goes the Girl. It should make top 10 easily. About how a man should treat his lady, not take her for granted.

I can't catalog her music. She ranges from soft rock and pop to solid pop tunes, to country rock. The song themes are mature, often oriented toward women listeners, but as a man, I enjoy listening. It is hard to get bored listening to this CD. This lady should go places.

-- as reviewed on amazon.com
by David Humphrey (Boulder, CO USA)

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